2012 - ULTRAS IN EGYPT (ongoing project)


[Quote from a commemorative song written after Port Said massacre]

While the first spark of the revolution lits Egypt the leaders of the Ultras movement are immediately contacted by the police who summons them not to take part in the protests. The Ultras respond that, being apolitical, they will not participate and gives liberty of conscience in a message on their official page. Before the Day of Rage, the leaders gather once more, realizing that the revolt is not merely a political fact but a fight for freedom. This time they launch a coded message on their personal social network page, which finally exhorts the Ultras to be a part of the Day of Rage. "Thank you for the last 4 years, you taught us to be ready for this moment". Their participation will be firm and constant until the end of the revolution.

The Ultras important presence during the clashes of the first revolution and in those related to the elections in 2011, has placed them in an unfavorable position in relation to the military junta currently at power in Egypt. The facts of Port Said, where at least 74 of the Al-Ahly Ultras were killed, the lack of intervention from the police -if not even an active part to provoke the violence- are by many interpreted as the governments hostile position towards the Ultras movement. For this reason and for the demand of justice, the Ultras of the Al-Ahly and their rivals of the Zamalek have organized a demonstration that has culminated in a permanent garrison near the house of Parliament.

MEMO. During the clashes in Tahrir square I was, as were other colleagues of the international press, accused of being an Israeli spy at several occasions because of falsely spread governmental propaganda. In the midst of one of these situations I was saved by a group of Ultras. A few months later I began a project in order to understand and describe this movement which played an important role within the revolution and the Egyptian society.