A second Run-off of the Presidential election in Egypt will he held on June 16/june 17 were the former  Prime Minister or Mubarak Ahmad Shafiq will face the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi. During the last month I documented the supporters of Ahmad Shafiq, the so-called former General and ex, notably in the area of Menufiya,  where former Egyptian presidents Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak were born and whom popularity is still high. I worked on people from the Upper and Middle class all supporters of Ahmad Shafiq,  as his main electoral Financial supporter, a retired general of the army of Mubarak, the editor in chief of Al Ahram Democracy Magazine or the Egyptian Ambassador in Lebanon. Shafiq, who resigned from Prime Minister Office on March 2011 recently told that he would promise to any of the Egyptians to not return to the ‘Ancien Regime’ and that he will follow the revolution and based his campaign on the ‘the return of stability and security ‘ as many Egyptians seem   to worry  with the economic crisis as well as the rise of criminality . But the young revolutionaries are hating him as they see him as a symbol of the former regime whom victory would threat their ideals of society. Some criticisms  are stating that Shafiq has conveyed on behalf of the voices of the mass of the previous regime: the military, police officers and their families, entrepreneurs related to public commissions, the bureaucrats of the state apparatus, all people struggling to preserve their social positions.