2013 - PORT SAID & CONSEQUENCES (Ultras in Egypt)



The important presence of ultras -both during the protests and clashes of the first revolution and in those related to the 2011 presidential elections- has placed them in an unfavorable position with the military Government in charge in Egypt untill the election of the new president, Mohamed Morsi. The facts of Port Said -where at least 74 of Al-Ahly ultras were killed- the lack of intervention from the police, if not an active part to provoke the violence, are by many interpreted as the Government’s hostile position towards the ultras movement.

After the so called "Massacre of Port Said" a criminal trial started and now, at its second instance, culminated with 21 ultras being sentenced to death by hanging. Others were sentenced to life imprisonment and others to serious penalties such as hard-labor (this verdict instigated the city reaction, repressed by the army, which caused a death toll of about 60 civilians).

According to many international analysts and the international public opinion -also some of the Al-Ahly ultras- the trial was superficial and specious, aimed at finding scapegoats to hush the earlier mentioned hypothesis.

This work doesn't claim to be a declaration of innocence of any of the accused ultras. The aim of the reportage is to cast light on the serious events that point out some difficulties and oppositions -often forgotten- in the hard process of democratization in the contemporary Egypt.
In order to do so, I looked for both statements and faces of the families of the ultras sentenced to death and I also portrayed some of death sentenced in absentia, so still wanted.