2014 - RUST (Acciai Speciali Terni)

RUST (2014, Acciai Speciali Terni)

On october 22nd, after the controversial decision by the top brass of the German industrial giant, ThyssenKrupp, AST's (Acciai Speciali Terni) workers decide to start a strike aimed to avoid the downsizing plan of the company that required the layoff of 1000 workers (officially around 500 person + 500 people working in the external companies directly linked with AST).

After 26 days of set-ins, demonstrations, salary delay, occupations, union negotiations and many actions to sensitize the public opinion and the Italian Government, AST's workers are tired, angry but a large part of them, despite the “contemporary trend”, keep fighting for their rights, also refusing the golden parachute (around 80.000 euros) that the managing director, Lucia Morselli, has been authorized to offer them.

While the little attention -when not the silence- of Italian media focuses only on few clashes and actions of civil disobedience, what I can see is just their loneliness. The loneliness and the empty space between them and the so-called civil society, Governments, public institutions and economic rules.

My main area of competence, in terms of work, is the Middle East, but this is a personal work. This is a personal issue. One of the most relevant steel's property, comparing it to iron, is its resistance to the oxidation. I hope that they will resist as well.