2015 - STIMELA#3 (Malawi Prisons)

Stimela, in Zulu, means coal train. Stimela is a song, a master piece by Hugh Masekela (www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyFFCAEWY4w).

This is the third part of a personal project, STIMELA, concerning the migrant flux in Austral Africa. The purpose is to document the "corridor" that leads thousand of migrant from Central to Southern  Africa, in particular to RSA (Republic of South Africa). In simple words this is the other side of the same coin for which Europe is facing the imposing crisis of migrants coming from Middle East, Central and Northern Africa.

MALAWI PRISONS. Since long time ago, in almost all African countries persists the problem of the quality of life in prison. Malawi is one of the most critical country. Especially now, for its strategical position in terms of migration flux.

In Malawi prisons, where hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are detained with thousands of Malawi's citizens, the overcrowding, the poor quality/quantity of food and the hygienic conditions lead to a terrible situation including a great number of sanitarian emergencies. HIV, hepatitis, anemia and tuberculosis are common diseases that afflict prisoners.

The most critical situation is now in two of the main Malawian prison. Maula, in Lilongwe, built 40 years ago to house 800 inmates and now holding around 2600 prisoners. The second one is Chichiri, in Blantyre, that was built to house 800 prisoners instead of the 1800 currently detained in.