On the night of February17th 2011, a revolution against Muammar Gaddafi’s 40-year-old regime broke out in Libya. Six days later, on the night of February 23rd, I crossed the Libyan border from Egypt, coming from Cairo, and tried  to move West as far as possible in the following weeks, in order to document what was happening.

These images are part of the work I did in those days. They basically focus on two themes particularly interesting to me. The first – and most common in case of war – is the proximity to death experienced as a critical force which wipes away the superstructures of human society, bringing forward the most authentic aspects of the human being, like fear, violence, faith and pain. The second theme concerns the surreal feeling emerging from  everyday life, when society's rules are subverted by the necessities. In this context reality becomes much more similar to a page of a book about partisan Resistance than to the typical iconography of contemporary war.