Tripoli, Libya. Djeida prison inTripoli helds around 1400 prisoners. Among them, there are Gadhafi loyalist fighters, criminals, former regime's ministers and foreign immigrants, most of them from Nigeria.

Taher Hussein, an NTC fighter and a former prisoner himself, decided to help Djeida's prisoners and he is currently in charge of the prison, although the position of warden is still held by the same person as before the beginning of the revolution in February 2011.

Mr. Hussein has great projects for Djeida's prison. He intends to modernize it and to bring it up to the US standards, as he has been living there for 15 years. Thus, he is collaborating with Human Rights Watch and other NGOs in the field.

Meanwhile, the living conditions of the prison are substandards, despite Mr. Hussain's efforts. The female section is overpopulated and both the cliniques within the prison are not functioning properly.

For more information on the prison, or for an interviews, it is possible to contact directly Taher Hussain.